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Recipe for cooking fried papanas

Recipe for cooking fried papanas

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Papanas preparation recipe

Put the cottage cheese in a bowl, break the egg over it, add a pinch of salt and add the baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice. I mixed the ingredients and added flour not all at once but a tablespoon. After the dough started to look like dough, I put it on the floured work table and kneaded it, adding more flour because it doesn't have to be sticky. When it had the necessary consistency, I divided it into three. I broke as much as I could make three balls and a ping-pong ball. Then I made a ball out of the three pieces, in the middle of which I made a hole with my finger full of flour.

After these operations, I put on the fire a saucepan that I use for frying, with enough oil to cover the papanas. When the oil has heated up enough, I can fry the papnasii (three) and the three balls. I guarded them and when they rose to the surface I turned them on the other side. When they were ready, I took them out on absorbent paper towels to eliminate the excess fat.

Then I moved them on a plate and dressed them in sour cream, I put the balls on top of the 3 papanasi, I put the mantle on them and the quince jam on top.

I would have liked more with cherry jam, but I found another jar only after I ate the papanas. I'll keep it for the next time when I'll make papanasi, if until then the cherries don't ripen to make another jam! lol

They were delicious!


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