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New York’s Bacchanal Launches Epic Bottomless Barrel Brunch

New York’s Bacchanal Launches Epic Bottomless Barrel Brunch

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Bacchanal, the restaurant from the team behind the Dead Rabbit and Bathtub Gin that opened in June on the Bowery, launched their Sunday “Barrel Brunch” on December 7. Along with an impressive, creative, and delicious array of menu items, they’re also offering something that you won’t find anywhere else: Where most “bottomless” brunches only offer, say, mimosas or Bloody Marys, Bacchanal offers two hours of unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, draft beers, wines, and craft cocktails for $20 per person. We had the opportunity to dine there at the invitation of the restaurant, and were very impressed.

While there are more ways to stay lubricated here than at other “bottomless” brunches, the food, from chef Craig Hopson, is the main draw. Appetizers include a tempting pastry basket filled with croissants, scones, and cinnamon rolls, steak tartare with egg yolk jam, and dry-cured culatello. Entrées include whole grain Belgian waffle with candied orange and cranberries with maple mascarpone, an “everything bagel” Paris-bresse with smoked salmon and dill cream cheese (pictured), fried chicken and kale salad, and shrimp and grits. On the side, don’t miss out on slab bacon and outrageously good buttermilk biscuits.

The space is charming and homey, dominated by a large bar that’s turning out some truly stellar cocktails, and service is smart and friendly. So drop by and try some (the Fiori e Uva, with St. Germain, pink grapefruit, grapefruit bitters, Champagne, and fresh sage, is a standout), sample some delicious brunch food, and make Sunday memorable.

Square 6 Bourbon Whiskey from Heaven Hill’s Louisville Artisanal Distillery

Heaven Hill Distillery launches the Square 6 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the first bottled Bourbon produced at its artisanal distillery located in the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at 528 W. Main Street in Louisville, Ky.

They tell that Square 6 is a high rye Bourbon whiskey and named after the original plot of land where Evan Williams built Kentucky’s first commercial distillery in 1783, sharing the same block on Louisville’s Whiskey Row where the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience first opened in 2013.

This initial launch from the one barrel per day, hand-crafted, copper pot still facility.

The limited release of Square 6 High Rye Bourbon will be available in small quantities at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and available at select Kentucky retailers for $89.99. Square 6 High Rye Bourbon was aged for five years before being bottled at 95 proof.

Heaven Hill says this is the first of many craft products to come from the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

As a High Rye Bourbon, the Square 6 mashbill consists of 52 percent corn, 35 percent rye, and 13 percent malted barley, a new Bourbon recipe under the Heaven Hill Distillery portfolio. Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau distills one barrel of American Whiskey per day at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

Since the building of the craft distillery, Heaven Hill says they have been waiting as the barrels age to maturation. During this aging process, a team of master tasters samples each recipe at various stages until that specific mashbill has been deemed to have achieved a taste profile worthy of bottling. Square 6 High Rye Bourbon is the first result of this process and the first bottling from the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience stills.

“Today marks another milestone in the educational, interactive experiences offered at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience as we can now experience the aroma and taste of this truly hand-crafted process from the grain to the glass,” Max L. Shapira, Heaven Hill Distillery President. tells

“From the first day Artisanal Distiller, Emeritus Charlie Downs turned on the stills nearly five years ago to Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau patiently waiting years for this product to come of age in the barrel, today we celebrate Heaven Hill’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.”

To celebrate the occasion, a commemorative barrel was rolled down Louisville’s Main Street by Heaven Hill Distillery President Max Shapira, Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau, Artisanal Distiller Emeritus Charlie Downs, Louisville Tourism President & CEO Karen Williams, and Louisville Tourism Chief Operating Officer Cleo Battle

Cracker Barrel Launches Boxed Meals To-Go for Catering

Cracker Barrel on Tuesday launched its Boxed Meals To-Go catering platform, providing guests with individually packaged, complete meals featuring signature cravable menu items—perfect for outdoor reunions of various sizes or offices looking to offer safe and convenient meal options to employees during the pandemic.

Cracker Barrel Boxed Meals To-Go feature favorite homestyle meal offerings—including breakfast all-day options—paired with a delicious side and mini fruit cobbler for dessert (with lunch/dinner meals). Priced per person, orders in quantities of eight to 200 can be placed on, and can be scheduled for pick up or delivery.

The Boxed Meal lineup includes:

  • Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Breakfast Sampler
  • Chicken n’ Dumplins
  • Meatloaf Sliders
  • Sunday Homestyle Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken Salad Shaker
  • Fried Chicken Tenders
  • Grilled Chicken Tenders

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News and information presented in this release has not been corroborated by FSR, Food News Media, or Journalistic, Inc.

LAWRENCEBURG, KY (February 20th, 2013) – When it comes to whiskey making in the United States, Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie are America’s bourbon aristocracy. After an incredible 90 years combined experience distilling award-winning whiskey, the two are rolling out one of their richest and most flavorful bourbons to date: Russell’s Reserve® Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. This much anticipated bottling at a take-no-prisoners 110 proof is non- chill filtered, resulting in an unparalleled burst of flavor in every sip. As the crowning glory of America’s famed Wild Turkey bourbon family, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel promises to not only be the choice for bourbon connoisseurs, but it will also be what Jimmy and Eddie reach for time and time again. As they say in Lawrenceburg, “Our experience guarantees yours.”

What makes Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel unique is not only its high proof, but the fact that the whiskey bypasses the chill-filtration process. Chill-filtration is a common process whereby the whiskey is chilled at temperatures below freezing and is passed through an absorption filter thus removing fatty acids and other flavor contributors such as esters and proteins. By avoiding the chill-filtration process, the whiskey is bottled with more flavor compounds and a deeper color which is denoted by an impressive haze when ice or chilled water is added.

Every expression of Russell’s Reserve – both the Bourbon and rye Whiskey – is matured in only the deepest number 4 or “alligator” charred American white oak barrels to ensure the richest flavor and color. Jimmy and Eddie insist on this char level and are among only a handful of whiskey distillers who use it. The best aged whiskey barrels are hand selected by this legendary pair themselves and only from the center cut of the rick house – since that’s where the optimal maturation occurs. Adamant about quality, the Russell’s will only use the natural, weather-driven process for maturation – never air conditioned or heated “because it’s the right thing to do.”

“This is Bourbon at its best,” declares Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller. “What is incredibly special about the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is that each barrel has its own personality, but still captures the rich, creamy toffee vanilla style of Russell’s Reserve. This bottling celebrates what we love about Russell’s Reserve, but takes it to another level.”

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel delivers a burst of intense vanilla and hints of burnt orange, along with tastes licorice and anise seed, on the palate, culminating with a rich and long finish.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel (750ml) will be available nationwide at specialist liquor stores priced at $49.99. It will also be available in select bars and restaurants specializing in fine whiskies.

Paris Cafes Open As Outdoor Dining Returns

Garnish with a lime wheel and a Fresno pepper.

MONARCH: An elegant version of a gin sour

Add all the ingredients in cocktail shaker with one small ice cube, shake vigorously.

Add ice, shake again and double strain to a coupe.

Garnish with three edible flowers and Peychaud’s Bitters.

GIANT PATCH: A refreshing cucumber cooler-style drink

0.75 oz. fresh cucumber juice

Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake with ice and pour over a Collins glass filled with ice.

Garnish with a cucumber ribbon and lime wheel

GREAT TANMARK: A fun and interesting whiskey smash

0.25 oz. aperol or peach liqueur

Add 10 mint leaves and two lemon slices, muddle lightly.

Add ice, shake vigorously and pour over brushed ice in a mule mug.

Garnish with a peach slice and two to three mint sprigs.

THE JOCKER: A new take on a classic mojito

2 oz. house rum (can also be make with vodka or gin)

0.5 oz. passionfruit liqueur

0.5 oz. house-made lychee syrup

Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously with ice and pour into a Collins glass filled with ice.

Garnish with a pineapple slice and three pineapple leaves.

APRICOT SULFUR: An unexpected take on a mezcal old-fashioned

0.25 oz. house-made orange cordial

3 splashes of orange bitters

3 splashes of whiskey barrel-aged bitters

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir around 20 to 25 times and pour into a rocks glass with one 2ࡨ ice cube.

Garnish with an orange twist.

AGATHIA EMPEROR: A tequila old-fashioned with spices, specifically saffron

0.5 oz. St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur

0.25 oz. saffron simple syrup

1 full dropper of house-made pineapple bitters

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir around 20 to 25 times and pour into a rocks glass with one 2ࡨ ice cube.

Garnish with a colorful edible butterfly.

BUCKEYE: The Butterfly’s signature espresso martini

0.5 oz. St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur

Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously with ice and strain into a coupe.

Garnish with three hearts made with bitters.

GOLDEN PIPER: A nice way to integrate cherry and floral flavors to a Manhattan

2 oz. house-made rye whiskey

0.25 oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass, stir around 20 to 25 times, pour into a rocks glass with an ice sphere and add a pinch of sea salt and clove on top.

Garnish with a house cherry and orange twist feather in a bamboo stick.

VICEROY: A more botanically driven white negroni

0.5 oz. Dimmi di Milano Liqueur

Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass, stir around 20 to 25 times and serve in a coupe with an expressed orange peel and edible gold leaf flakes.

Garnish with a dry orange peel and a lemon twist cut in the middle.

MOURNING CLOAK: A Rolls-Royce-style cocktail with ginger and herbal flavors

1.5 oz. house scotch (Monkey Shoulder or Dewar’s White Label)

0.75 oz. Giffard Ginger of the Indies Liqueur

0.25 oz. Yellow Chartreuse Liqueur

Add all the ingredients in mixing glass, stir around 20 to 25 times and serve in a rocks glass with one 2ࡨ ice cube.

Jalisco Norte’s new menu brings the heat

Dallas is no stranger to Mexican food—I mean, there’s practically a tex-mex place on every corner. But, about a year ago Jalisco Norte opened on Oak Lawn next to the Zyn22 and I thought to myself, “oh a new tex-mex spot. Cool. I need to check it out.” And I filed it away in my mind but never got around to actually trying it.

BIG.MIS.TAKE. … and not just for missing out on amazing food, but for assuming it was “just another tex-mex place”. Last week I finally went to check out Jalisco Norte to taste Chef José Meza Arróyave’s new menu and I learned that nothing about this restaurant is like a typical tex-mex spot. You won’t find massive plates of greasy enchiladas or a combination plate that you need a separate table to eat—but don’t worry, there is still queso and guacamole! Instead, you will find a refreshing menu of agave-inspired cocktails and uniquely assembled dishes. Overall, the restaurant’s vibe heavily relies on all of Chef Meza’s experiences growing up and cooking in Mexico City. (In fact, there were the coolest masks covering the walls and each and every one of them was hand-picked by the owners in Mexico City.)

During our tasting, the chef said his goal for when people dine at Jalisco Norte is for his food to give them a sense of nostalgia—they wanted diners to know the dishes they grew up with. So he uses everything he has learned all over the world as a guide and uses local ingredients to compliment his expertise.

The tasting started off with three mini tostadas that were unlike any tostada I’d tasted before. There was a tuna tostada with avocado puree, the De Pata Tostada with pickled pork terrine and the fish ceviche tostada with fresh chile powder. All the flavors were fresh and paired together in a way that I would have never thought of – but it worked magic on my tastebuds.

But wait … let’s not forget about the cocktails! I started the evening with the Crafty Paloma and my friend had the Bring the Heat, which is their take on a spicy margarita. I’m a wimp when it comes to spice but she loved her cocktail so much that she convinced me to try it and I kind of wanted to steal it.

Next on the tasting menu came the Coast Chile which I was a little nervous about because of the aforementioned aversion to spicy stuff. But I’m not afraid to admit it – I inhaled this dish. The hatch chile was perfectly cooked and stuffed with lump crab and then topped with baby tomato chips and jalapeño dressing. So, so good!

The second and third tasting was the Osso Bucco and the Veracruz Branzino. The sauces on these two dishes were incredible. The Osso Bucco was packed with so much juice and flavor.. I could’ve eaten four tacos full. The Veracruz Branzino was served with a plantain sauce which I was skeptical about – but was the perfect companion for the fish. I would have probably dipped tortilla chips in that plantain sauce if the table wouldn’t have judged me for it.

Obviously I had to have a cocktail break (or two) with all this food! I tried the Ranch Water which was tequila, lime, Topo Chico and served in the Topo Chico bottle (love that). It was super refreshing and if you’re still sticking to your healthy New Year resolutions—it won’t ruin your diet.

And after that, I just HAD to try their take on the Frosé and it did not disappoint! This cocktail will definitely be added to my rotation of warm-weather patio drinks when the time comes. And how amazing does the fresh mint look?

Believe it or not, I still had room for more of Chef Meza’s delicious food and it was a good thing because the carne asada was perfectly cooked and worth every bite. It came with a molcajete sauce that was a bit too spicy for my taste but everyone else loved!

One of the highlights of the whole evening for me was the dessert.. but that’s really no surprise. The light and airy ‘Carlota de lemon’ has a cool story. The Chef explained that this dish is very common in Mexico and is essentially a Mexican ice box cake. It’s something many families would throw together because they had all the ingredients on hand and leave in the freezer for it to come together. It was light, sweet and I 100% wanted seconds.

The morale of the story is don’t be like me. Don’t wait to check out Jalisco Norte and don’t for a second think that it’s your average tex-mex spot. And don’t forget to save room for dessert! All the dishes that Chef Meza has put together with his contemporary approach are something you must try.

3858 Oak Lawn Ave #470 (Oak Lawn)
(214) 443-5183

Three St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes from America's Best Bar: New York's Dead Rabbit

If you're looking to drink something significantly more sophisticated than green beer (or a Shamrock Shake) to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, consider the suggestions below from Jack McGarry, co-owner at New York's Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog—the best bar in North America. (It ranks second in the world after The Langham London’s Artesian.)

The Irish-born McGarry—who is astonishingly young at barely 25 years old—partnered with mentor Sean Muldoon two years ago to open the Dead Rabbit in the city’s Financial District. And the place has been a success ever since, winning several awards and cultivating a dedicated following. But that’s no surprise: The multi-level space is wonderfully reminiscent of old New York, there are 72 historically-accurate cocktails on offer, the Parlor on the third floor serves communal punch, and it’s open practically all day—unlike most bars in New York.

Jack McGarry, who's not even 25 years old, is already at the helm of America's best bar alongside . [+] co-owner and mentor Sean Muldoon.

Here, McGarry talked to ForbesLife about how he started creating cocktails, his favorite mid-nineteenth century cocktail books, what he’s drinking right now, and more. Beyond that, he also shared three Dead Rabbit cocktail recipes for you to make at home—or to try out at the bar.

ForbesLife: How did you get into mixology?

Jack McGarry: I started working in the industry to make money. I kept asking my parents for cash when I was 14 or 15—and they had enough of it. They said, If you really want something go out and earn it. So I started as a barback at the local pub where my cousin was a general manager. I loved the hustle and bustle and I knew early on that it was something I could be great at. It started out simply: The bar manager told me that the previous barback was better. I wanted to make him eat his words. And from there, I focused on being better than the previous guy. Everything started from that conversation. Then I followed my cousin around the bars he ran. That's how I first came across cocktails…in a spot called Cafe Vaudeville in Belfast. There was a cocktail thing going on and I was fascinated. The cocktail bartenders behaved like rockstars (on reflection, like arrogant bastards). I thought, That’s what I want to be.

Eventually, I was offered a barback position in a place called Tatu, where I came across Kieran Breen who was a former student of Sean Muldoon—my current business partner. He was doing things I'd never seen before. That was when I took a year off school to chill out and make sure I was making the correct career moves because I knew that would shape my life. I totally fell in love with cocktails that year. My mission was simple: I wanted to be the best and I knew I had to work with Sean at his Merchant Hotel program to realize my raison d'etre. During my first meeting with Sean at The Merchant, he showed me two pieces of ice. One was jagged and ravaged with impurities and the other was perfectly shaved and clear. He told me I could be one of two people in life: the best or not the best. I haven't looked back since. And it's not about awards anymore. Awards are the consequence of our work—not the reason for it. I believe in doing things you love a hundred percent and giving it everything you have—and with direction and purpose.

FL: To make Dead Rabbit happen, you tested thousands of recipes from mid-nineteenth century cocktail books—which ones would you recommend?

JM: My big three are William Terrington's Cooling Cups & Dainty Drinks (1869, England) Louis Fouquet's Bariana (1896, France) and William Schmidt's The Flowing Bowl (1892, U.S.A). I wanted our story, which was all about showcasing the kingdom of mixed drinks spanning the 17th to 19th centuries to not be confined to an American perspective. I wanted to include what was happening in France and England—and these three books were crucial to that. It's important for any aspiring bartender to ensure they understand the past before interpreting the future.

FL: What are your five favorite bars around the world?

JM: Kelly's Cellars in Ireland is my local place in Belfast. It has the proper representation of gritty Belfast with real pints and real people. There’s New York’s Maison Premiere in Williamsburg, which has one of the most beautiful bar rooms in the world. They have a super disciplined drinks program that’s not for everyone—but I dig it. Sydney’s The Baxter Inn is a great bar where every detail was considered: the music, the temperature, the shape of the room, the décor, and its purpose. Of course, I love Taproom at The Dead Rabbit—with its totally down-to-earth staff, a room that gives you a hug upon entry, and the best Irish whiskey selection in the States. Easy peasy. And any bar showing the Manchester United games. (I'm Manchester United mad).

The Parlor—on the Dead Rabbit's top floor—serves communal cocktails and small plates. My favorite? . [+] The Cumberland sausage roll.

FL: What should first-time visitors of the Dead Rabbit order?

JM: The Irish coffee. I'm not egoistic but I can say with conviction that our Irish coffee is the best in the world.

FL: What's your go-to drink?

JM: I'm in this white wine phase. I'm digging dry white Bordeaux and albariño.

FL: Favorite Irish whiskeys?

JM: I'm all about single pot still Irish whiskeys. And the best representation of the 19th-century style currently available is Powers John’s Lane, which is a 12- to 15-year-old whiskey matured in ex-Bourbon casks with a hint of sherry. My favorite Irish whiskey is the Jameson 15-Year 100 percent traditional pot still, which isn't commercially available. But it's bloody delicious.

FL: For us mere mortals who don't know how to mix cocktails, what bottles, bitters, or equipment do we need to invest on?

JM: Start with your favorite drink and build your bar from there. The first cocktail I fell in love with was the mai tai. I bought the ingredients to make it for my home bar and went from there. Don't go crazy. People get sucked into cocktails very quickly and buy everything all at once. Believe in the process and commit to weekly drinks or ingredients.

FL: Who's your favorite bartender or mixologist? Who’s your industry best friend?

JM: To me, a bartender and a mixologist are totally different things. A bartender is fully focused on the room and hospitality. A mixologist is all about the drinks. My favorite bartender in the world is Joaquín Simó [of Pouring Ribbons, New York]. He embodies both the craft of the cocktail and hospitality. And my favorite mixologist is our very own Jillian Vose. She blows me away with the stuff she comes up with. Same thing goes with all the guys behind the bar at the Parlor: Greg Buda, Jesse Vida, and Long Thai. And my industry best friend is [Oxley Gin brand ambassador] Jamie Evans. He's talented with unbelievable hospitality skills and a mean brain. But that's not why he's my best industry mate. He's kind, humble, and one of the most generous people I've come across.

FL: The pictures of ‘Artesian versus Dead Rabbit’ look like a lot of fun, are you and Alex Kratena [from Artesian] friends?

JM: It was fun alright—with an even better hangover. We have a lot of respect for the Artesian boys. They work their asses off, have a great mentality, and constantly think of ways to better themselves.

FL: How did you pick Jillian Vose as the new head bartender? What characteristics do you look for when you train someone for this job?

JM: I wanted Jillian to come aboard because I felt The Dead Rabbit was getting pigeonholed for the historical approach of our creative process, and I was keen to move away from that. Jillian isn't bound by historical accuracy. (My style is historical accuracy with contemporary touches.) Jillian is purely flavor driven and that's the way I wanted the program to go. We don't train her on cocktails because she's got that. My big thing is dispersing responsibility and accountability across the team, which is bit different from other bars. I don't believe in the “master builder” theory where one person controls all operations. That's a weak foundation.

Without further ado. three cocktail recipes from The Dead Rabbit co-owner Jack McGarry and head bartender Jillian Vose.


The Roman Empire cocktail by Jack McGarry packs a punch and is incredibly delicious.

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The Thirsty Thursday Times for March 26, 2015

Below are a “few” (scroll down to “see what I did here”) interesting press releases that recently landed in our inbox…

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic Announces Downtown Move with Opening Night Gala at Cipriani Wall Street and Industry Invitational at the Newly Opened Pier A Harbor House, May 16-19, 2015

New Team Takes the Reins of the Four-Day Festival to Amplify Its Offerings and Engage the Wider Hospitality Sector and Beyond

NEW YORK, March 18, 2015—The Manhattan Cocktail Classic (MCC), New York’s legendary multi-day celebration of cocktails and culture, today announces its move downtown with new festival venues as it prepares to celebrate its sixth anniversary. The much-anticipated opening night Gala will be held at the iconic Cipriani Wall Street on Saturday, May 16, 2015 and the trade-oriented, Industry Invitational will take place Monday, May 18 in the newly opened Pier A Harbor House overlooking New York Harbor in Battery Park. Tickets will go on sale soon at

The MCC also announces its evolution into a full scale production company with plans to host a variety of cocktail events in New York and around the country. Led by Michael Blatter, a veteran event producer and one of the foremost and respected authorities on consumer marketing, he has produced thousands of events and brings decades of spirits and hospitality industry experience. Blatter is backed by a team of seasoned cocktail veterans, spirits industry experts and event professionals who are committed to building on the festival’s integrity and enriching the experience for both consumers, as well as partners within and beyond the wider hospitality sector.

“It is exhilarating and humbling to take the reins of the city’s most anticipated drinks festival and relocating downtown, where New York’s history and future are coming together,” says Blatter. “We salute the festival’s founder, Lesley Duval, for her years of creativity and hard work that created this inimitable brand and we’re committed to making this and future editions the best ones ever. With the cocktail renaissance now well ingrained in popular culture, we envision expanding the festival to other U.S. cities and, ultimately, key cities abroad.”

“It is very exciting and inspiring to see this infusion of new blood and new ideas into the MCC,” says Dale DeGroff, “King Cocktail,” the legendary mixologist and MCC advisory board member. “I’m confident to say that the team brings the talent, expertise and passion to take the festival to new heights.”

New Venue for the Opening Night Gala: Cipriani Wall Street
On Saturday, May 16, 2015, the much anticipated opening night Gala will take place at Cipriani Wall Street, located at 55 Wall St. The stunning Greek Revival masterpiece with its façade embellished by 12 towering ionic granite pillars will be transformed into New York’s most glamorous and exciting cocktail party for thousands of revelers. Built between 1836 and 1842, it originally housed the Merchants Exchange, the U.S. Customs House and National City Bank. Its Grand Ballroom is opulently designed and crowned by a vast dome. The building’s terraces overlooking Wall Street, its bi-level restaurant and library will also be devoted to the Gala. And for the first time ever, the Cipriani Club, a secret subterranean level complete with a barber shop, billiards room and screening room, will be open to gala attendees as part of the festive evening.

New Venue for the Industry Invitational: Pier A Harbor House
On Monday, May 18, 2015, the Industry Invitational, the high-powered trade conference that runs in parallel with the festival, will take place at the newly-opened Pier A Harbor House, a landmarked 1880s-vintage structure located at the tip of Battery Park that juts 300 feet into New York Harbor and offers sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District. The 28,000-square-foot structure has been carefully restored by HPH, the hospitality group behind The Dead Rabbit, Harry’s Cafe and Steak, Bacchanal and other downtown destinations. This year, the Invitational’s improved programming, which is geared specifically towards hospitality industry professionals, will consist of advanced TED-style talks, tastings, panels, networking opportunities and more.

High-Spirited Events Over Four Days
The Manhattan Cocktail Classic will once again serve up a plethora of individually ticketed events across the four days of festivities: parties, pairings, dinners, dances, workshops, lectures, tiki-tours and bar crawls. These events take place all across New York City. Most of these events and activities are conceptualized and organized independently by brands, both large and small, as well as craft bartenders and cocktail luminaries. Ticket prices vary by event, but typically range from $25 to $295.

About The Manhattan Cocktail Classic
Part festival, part fête, part conference, part cocktail party, The Manhattan Cocktail Classic (MCC) is an annual celebration of the myriad points of intersection between cocktails and culture. With a plethora of events spread across four days and multiple boroughs, the MCC offers a vast array of unique experiences to enthusiasts and professionals alike, expanding the very definition of what constitutes a “cocktail event.” It is produced by Cocktail Classic Productions LLC. The sixth anniversary of the festival will take place on May 16-19, 2015. Tickets will go on sale soon at Follow the MCC on Twitter at @cocktailclassic and “like” us on Facebook at

Groupon Long Island Ny

(11 days ago) Discover great local deals and coupons in and near Long Island City, NY. Support local businesses and save up to 70% off. Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes with Gloves at Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy. (Up to 87% Off). Three Options.. Up to 43% Off on Fitness Studio at Creative Core. Up to 67% Off on Eyelash Extensions at SunnySpa.

Long Island City Hotel Deals - Hotel Offers in Long Island .

(6 days ago) Flash Deals Discounts on Top-Rated Travel. Boro Hotel. Long Island City • 1 mi. 43 Ratings. $119. From. $96. /nt. 4.5-Star Boro Hotel near NYC.

Holbrook Deals - Best Deals & Coupons | Groupon

(6 days ago) Discover great local deals and coupons in and near Holbrook, NY. Support local businesses and save up to 70% off. Three or Six Stand-Up or Lie-Down UV Tans at Tropical Rendezvous Tanning Salon in Holbrook (Up to 65% Off). Three or Six UV-Tanning Sessions at Tropical Rendezvous Tanning Salon (Up to 37% Off). One or Four Airbrush Spray-Tan Sessions at Tropical Rendezvous Tanning Salon (Up to …

65% OFF Groupon Long Island Suffolk County Verified .

(10 days ago) Groupon Long Island Restaurants Sites | Restaurant Coupon 2019. 90% off (2 days ago) groupon long island suffolk county - Top Types Of Voucher. 90% off (11 days ago) Groupon Nassau County Ny - Discount Strong (18 days ago) Legal Sites Have groupon nassau county ny | Pets Coupon 2019. 90% off (7 days ago) Groupon Restaurants Long Island Ny - 90% off (21 days ago) …

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(9 days ago) Long Island City Deals - Best Deals & Coupons | Groupon. 70% off (4 days ago) Discover great local deals and coupons in and near Long Island City, NY. Support local businesses and save up to 70% off. Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Hot Stone, or Aromatherapy Massage at Bedford N6 Spa. - Home | Facebook

(6 days ago) 139 likes. Groupon Long Island Local Deals

60% OFF Adventure Park Long Island Groupon Verified .

(9 days ago) Adventureland - Long Island, NY - Farmingdale, NY | Groupon (5 days ago) Look no further than the action-packed rides and boundless fun of Adventureland Amusement Park in Farmingdale. Youngsters are more than welcome to join mom and dad at this park. Don't spend time searching for parking ? visitors are welcome to use the adjoining lot. - Home | Facebook

(12 days ago) Brunch with Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary's or Sangria for 2, 3, 4, or 5 at Village Idiot Pub (Up to 53% Off) Customers enjoy a brunch of their choice like waffles, pancakes, or omelets, and relax with bottomless drinks

Groupon Inc in Long Island, NY with Reviews -

(9 days ago) Find 1866 listings related to Groupon Inc in Long Island on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Groupon Inc locations in Long Island, NY.

Long Island daily deals and coupons.

(12 days ago) New York Long Island Long Island. 1. Arts and Entertainment. 7. Beauty & Spas. 3. Health & Fitness. 8% cashback. Redeem Offer. Groupon. Up to 40% Off from Angels Mobile Service and Detail. One Mobile Basic Wash, Semi-Detail, or Full Detail from Angels Mobile Service and Detail (Up to 40% Off)

Groupon Long Island Restaurants Sites | Restaurant Coupon 2019

(8 days ago) Restaurants in Long Island City - Groupon. 90% off (1 months ago) Restaurants & Food Delivery in Long Island City, NY : Discover the best restaurants in Long Island City with deals of 50-90% off every day. Contemporary Italian Meal with Apps, Entrees & Desserts for Two or Four at Giulio's Restaurant (Up to 41% Off) . 20% Cash Back at Oro Restaurant & Lounge.

Top Sites Have Groupon Long Island Nassau County .

(6 days ago) › Groupon deals long island ny › Groupon long island hotels › Groupon restaurant deals long island. Listing Of Sites About Groupon Long Island Nassau County . Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Search.

Groupon Launches Queens, Long Island Features | Business Wire

(7 days ago) May 25, 2010 · In the New York market, customers will now enjoy more local deals by viewing the dedicated Queens and Long Island pages. “The addition of Groupon Queens and Groupon Long Island to the New York .

Groupon Long Island Suffolk County - Top Types Of Voucher

(8 days ago) List Of Websites About Groupon Long Island Suffolk County. Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Search. All % Off $ Off Free Delivery . Search By Time All Past 24 Hours Past Week Past Month. Popular Searched › Army Senior Promotion Board Erb

Long Island Coupons |

(7 days ago) Long Island Coupons - Find information about coupons, bargains, discounts, steals and deals in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

Groupon Long Island Ny Sites | Restaurant Coupon 2019

(10 days ago) Groupon Launches Queens, Long Island Features | Business Wire. (3 years ago) In response to customer demand, Groupon expands its New York presence with the launch of Groupon Queens and Groupon Long Island. Contacts Groupon Julie Anne Mossler 312-242-2033 [email protected]

Top Sites Have Groupon Restaurant Deals Long Island .

(11 days ago) Listing Of Sites About Groupon Restaurant Deals Long Island . Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Search. All % Off $ Off Free Delivery . Filter By Time All Past 24 Hours Past Week Past Month. Popular Searches › Sample Promotion Announcement Email

THE 10 BEST Montauk Hotel Deals (May 2021) - Tripadvisor

(12 days ago) Budget 4. Mid-range 32. Luxury 3. Family-friendly 22. Show more. Show 51 results. 51 of 51 properties are available in Montauk. Sort.

Groupon Deal - Review of Z NYC Hotel, Long Island City, NY .

(6 days ago) Dec 31, 2012 · Be aware of deal on Groupon. Called them and it is hard to make reservation between 1/1/13 and 3/31/13. Z NYC mentioned 72 hour cancelation policy, however they did not mentioned Groupon "7 day refund policy," so if your traveling schedule changes for any reason, most likely you will lose your money or you will be forced to use Z NYC sometimes in the future at full price.

Top Sites Have Groupon Long Island Ny | Walmart Coupon

(10 days ago)groupon long island ny › Real Estate School Promo Code. Upcoming Events › Haloween Coupon › Boxing Day Coupon › Black Friday Coupon › Click Frenzy Coupon › Thank Giving Coupon › Christmas Coupon › Cyber Monday Coupon › New Year's Eve Coupon › Amazon Prime Day Coupon › Fourth Of July Coupon › Tax-free Weekends Coupon

Top Sites Have Groupon Long Island Restaurants | Walmart .

(7 days ago) › Groupon deals long island ny › Restaurant coupons long island. Top Sites Have Groupon Long Island Restaurants. Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Search. All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter By Time All Past 24 Hours Past Week Past Month .

Group One Jobs, Employment in Long Island, NY |

(11 days ago) 2,240 Group One jobs available in Long Island, NY on Apply to Courier Driver and more!

Long Island groups in New York - Meetup

(6 days ago) Beautiful Sistahs of Long Island/Queens Meet Up Group. 319 Sistahs. Long Island City Mid 20s-Early 30s and People Young at Heart.

Osprey's Dominion Vineyards (Peconic) - 2021 All You Need .

(9 days ago) Escape the bustle of New York City on a day trip to 3 Long Island vineyards—an experience that visitors to the area often miss. After a morning pick-up, your guide navigates out of the city so that you can relax and take in the views. . The Groupon was $41 for four tastings (each is regularly $15), two cheese boards and a discount off of .

Long Island groups in Huntington - Meetup

(10 days ago) Find local Long Island groups in Huntington, New York and meet people who share your interests. Join a group and attend online or in person events.

Groupon Long Island Concerts Sites | Restaurant Coupon 2019

(7 days ago) › Groupon deals long island ny › Groupon restaurant deals long island › Groupon long island suffolk county › Groupon long island wineries. Listing Of Sites About Groupon Long Island Concerts Coupon . Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter .

Groupon Long Island Concerts - Top Types Of Voucher

(10 days ago) › Groupon restaurants long island ny › Groupon restaurant deals long island › Groupon long island wineries. List Of Websites About Groupon Long Island Concerts. Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Type: All $ Off % Off Free Delivery Filter Search. All % Off $ …

Best 30 Group Homes in Long Island, NY with Reviews -

(10 days ago) Suffolk County Ofc-Institutions. Human Services Organizations. Website. (631) 853-5437. 115 … Helen Keller Service For the Blind. Human Services Organizations. Website. (631) 424-0144. 3385 … St Charles Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapists Physical Therapy Clinics. … NY Physical Therapy Wellness. Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapists Medical Clinics. … Hands On Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy | Ronkonkoma. Rehabilitation Services Massage … East End Occupational Therapy. Rehabilitation Services Occupational Therapists. Website. (631) … United Rehab Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy. Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapists … Island Rehab Chiropractic. Rehabilitation Services Chiropractors & Chiropractic Services. (631) 750 … ProActive Care Physical Therapy. Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapy Clinics Physical … Safe Landing Recovery. Rehabilitation Services Drug Abuse & Addiction Centers Alcoholism … See full list on

THE 10 BEST Fire Island Hotel Deals (May 2021) - Tripadvisor

(9 days ago) SAVE! See Tripadvisor's Fire Island, Long Island hotel deals and special prices on 30+ hotels all in one spot. Find the perfect hotel within your budget with reviews from real travelers.

THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Long Island - 2021 (with .

(9 days ago) Hamptons Insider Tour. Helicopter Tours. from $12,100.00 per group (up to 2) New York City to the Hamptons Private Day Trip. 1. Bus Tours. from $899.00 per group (up to 6) The Hamptons and Long Island Wineries Private Tour. 2.

Groupon Restaurant Deals Long Island Sites | Restaurant .

(7 days ago) Category: % Off, Pizzeria Show All Coupons. Long Island City Moroccan Restaurants - Deals in . - Groupon. (1 year ago) Moroccan Restaurant deals in Long Island City, NY: 50 to 90% off deals in Long Island City. 20% Cash Back at Moroccan Kebab & Falafel. 15% Cash Back at Spiegel NYC. 20% Cash Back at Moroccan Kebab & Falafel.

Legal Sites Have Groupon Long Island Concerts | Pets .

(9 days ago) Filter By Time All Past 24 Hours Past Week Past Month. Popular Searches › Promotional Products For Small Business › Cleveland Airport Parking Aaa Discount › Reagan Library Promo Code › Cost To Promote On Instagram › Active Kohls Promo Codes 2019 Recently Searched › Groupon Long Island Concerts › Disney World Discount Tickets 2018 › 100 Off Purex Coupons Printable

Salon De Oasis Nail Spa - From $45 - New York, NY | Groupon

(8 days ago) Promotional value expires 120 days after purchase. Amount paid never expires. Appointment required. Limit 1 per person. Merchant's standard cancellation policy applies (any fees not to exceed Groupon …

Botox Long Island, Juvederm, Injectables, Vampire Face .

(12 days ago) Botox Long Island, Juvederm, Injectables, Vampire Face lift Suffolk & Nassau County. *Offer ends May 31, 2021. Contact our office for all details and restrictions. To redeem a promotion it must be mentioned during your appointment. Botox Bombshell - $1400 150 Units BOTOX® (or equivalent Dysport®) for 4 areas and the neck.

Discounts & Promotions to The Adventure Park at Long .

(7 days ago) Save 15% on the Epic 10 Pack Buy an Epic 10 Pack and get $102 off! Regularly $680, the Epic 10 Pack is on sale for $578 through Sunday 6/20.. The Epic 10 Pack includes: 10 “All Ages” Tickets valid for ages 7+

218 Long Island City, NY Restaurant Coupons & Deals

(9 days ago) Local Restaurants Coupons Near Long Island City, NY. THAT'S A WRAP FREE Side With Any Purchase Of $30 Or More (Up To $4.00 Value) At That's A Wrap . View. Hook And Reel Albee Square 15% OFF To-Go Orders Over $25 . View. Cafe Chili Cafe Chili - 20% Off Your Entire Bill .

Smith Point Archery Long Island's Archery #1 Range & Store

(10 days ago) Long Island’s Largest Archery Range & Pro Shop. Smith Point Archery — Everything archery under one roof at Long Islands largest indoor archery range and pro-shop. Located in Suffolk County, we are your one stop archery shop for equipment, crossbows, archery lessons, and more!

Group homes in Long Island, NY | Reviews - Yellowbook

(8 days ago) 155 Westwood Dr. Westbury, NY 11590-5553 Map. (516) 333-4524. Send Email. Group homes,Assisted living & elder care services. Quick Info. 16.

Kid Friendly Family Fun Attractions in Lake Grove, NY .

(9 days ago) Kid Friendly Family Fun Attractions in Lake Grove, NY | Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. WE ARE EXPANDING OUR HOURS ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS! We will be open 9am to 9pm on Saturdays. We will be open 10am to 8pm on Sundays. Reservations are required on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If you do not have a reservation, we cannot .

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