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ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Expand His Tequila Company

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Expand His Tequila Company

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The campaign aims to reach $250,000 in funding

For $2,500, you’ll get tickets and backstage passes to a ZZ Top or Godsmack concert.

Billy Gibbons, the guitarist from ZZ Top (and occasional guest star on Bones) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to gain wider national distribution for Pura Vida, the tequila company in which he is an investor.

Gibbons, who attended high school with Pura Vida CEO Stewart Skloss, teamed up with the company after sampling the tequila.

“I turned my back on tequila when I was 20, because it turned its back on me,” Gibbons told USA Today. “But if you can get something in a bottle with a pleasing aroma, then we can talk.” The team is hoping to earn donations from 60 million people by the end of the campaign in order to increase distribution and begin testing out new flavors of Pura Vida.

Among the perks of supporting the campaign, Pura Vida is offering a special reserve oak barrel for $14,995, tickets and backstage VIP access to a ZZ Top or Godsmack concert for $2,500, or an autographed Gibson guitar.

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